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Iran - opening a new market

Due to the lifting of sanctions the Iranian market is rapidly gaining importance for Western businesses. The Iran is predestined as an economic field of interaction due to a population of 78 million people, its extensive raw material reserves and a wide industrial base.

The excellent standard of education of the Iranian population, combined with a low average age, presents a prospect of a sufficiently predictable backlog demand for Western products.

In addition to the favourable sales situation, current investment incentives – such as extensive government guarantees for the supply of raw and operating materials as well as acquisition options by the state in case of an exit – are further opportunities provided for the first-mover-advantage for Western enterprises in Iran.

Nevertheless, this very first access poses the biggest hurdle for Western companies. Written and spoken language as well as social and legal norms form barriers for the market entry of German companies which cannot be overcome at all or only with an unfavorable benefit-risk balance.

We support you through the entire process of accessing the Iranian market. Reliable location analyses, development of dependable structures of distribution, intermediating to economic and political players ensure to exploit strategic competitive advantages for your investments.

We do not leave you with theoretical entities but offer concrete assistances. Our network has grown in all relevant areas of business development during 16 years of business activity in Iran. Benefit from our intercultural competence and minimise costs and risks for your engagement on the Iranian market.

Our Services


Would you like to know if you can benefit from business in the Iran? We provide market and sector analyses and find relevant corporations and partners for your enterprise.


You have goods you would like to sale in Iran and you are looking for an Iranian partner? Pars Venture will provide competent contacts.


Pars Venture markets your products with an extensive distribution network and listings at wholesalers, retailers and corporations.


Would you like to establish your own branch in the Iran or in the EU? We support the building of your site and take over the management, if required.