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Airbus cooperation

Posted: 11. December 2016 at 14:22   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Iran will cooperate with Airbus to produce spare parts for planes. Manouchehr Manteqi, official of the Science and Technology Directorate of the Iranian Presidential Office was quoted saying that the negotiations with Airbus regarding this deal were concluded. Moreover, he said that Iran had already begun to produce spare parts for planes.

This cooperation for the production of spare parts for planes means for Airbus to already have a foot in the door of the Iranian market once the plane deal js approved. Iran and Airbus had agreed upon the purchase of planes. But Airbus produces parts of its planes in the US meaning the US Treasury Department had to approve the deal – which they did. But the deal was hindered once more by the US lawmakers approving a bill to ban the export as well as re-export of aircrafts to Iran via American financial institutions.

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