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Iranian industries

In spite of the restrictive sanctions Iran has succeeded in building a diversified industry. Beside the industrial branches arising from the extensive raw material reserves of the country, there are other industrial sectors whose development is sped up with great ambition. The automobile industry, the metal industry and the textile industry are worth mentioning here. In addition, there are attempts to extend the infrastructure and other branches of industry like tourism or the building sector.

Oil and gas

Iranian mineral oil and natural gas are subordinate to the Iranian oil ministry. There are four subsidiary businesses which are entrusted to put the ministry guidelines into action. They are of enormous significance for the Iranian economy as they represent a big part of the Iranian revenues. These state-owned companies have holding-like structures and own numerous subsidiaries.

Important Companies

The most important oil and gas companies are:

  • National Iranian Oil Company
  • National Iranian Gas Company
  • National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company
  • National Petrochemical Company

We want to introduce these companies.

National Iranian Oil Company

Founded in 1951, the National Iranian Oil Company is one of the biggest oil enterprises worldwide. In 2007 the business reached a drilling production of 194.3 million tons of oil, which is 5% of the worldwide production. Therefore, the National Iranian Oil Company ranks on the second place worldwide.

National Iranian Gas Company

Founded in 1965, the Iranian gas Company with its approx. 18,000 employees is listed among the Top Ten of the biggest natural gas businesses of the Middle East. The tasks of the NIGC are processing, ensuring the supply of the domestic market as well as the foreign market.

National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company

Founded in 1991, today the NIORDC owns 19 subsidiaries and nine refineries. 22,000 employees work at the refining and transport of crude oil and crude oil products. Due to the high value of local refineries, NIORDC is one of the fastest growing companies.

National Petrochemical Company

Founded in 1964, the NPC is responsible for planning, organising and developing the petrochemical industry of the country . 56 subsidiaries and nine chemical parks are subordinate to the NPC. With an annual output of 117 million it is currently the second largest producer and exporter in the Middle East.

Oil and gas reserves

Offshore deposits

Market share of Iranian crude oil worldwide

Market share of Iranian natural gas worldwide

Offshore market share of Iranian oil

Offshore market share of Iranian natural gas

Source: BP World Energy Report 2015 | Organization für Investment, Economic and Technical Assistence of Iran

Mining industry

Iran is not only rich in stocks of fossil fuels, but also in other mineral resources, like chrome, lead, uranium, manganese, gold, coal and iron.

Furthermore, Iran has the world-biggest deposit of zinc and the second largest copper beds of the world. Although 90% of the metal-winning and processing industry are in the hands of the state, the state is interested in private investors from abroad. Numerous investment incentives aim to attract foreign capital and know-how. The circumstances could not be more favourable, but due to the ineffective production process the country is still far behind its possibilities.

Basic data

  • 5000 mineral deposits are currently exploited
  • Mining products constitute 30% of the non-oil-related exports of Iran
  • Zinc and lead deposits add up to 220 million tons
  • Iran is the fourth largest cement manufacturer of the world
  • The second largest deposit of copper is situated in Iran

Steel production

Steel production inhabits a keyhole for a country. Iran is particularly privileged as it holds extensive disposals of resources needed for steel production, namely iron and energy. Due to this excellent situation and despite the trade restrictions, Iran has become an important player on the world market in recent years. According to the World Steel Association Iran holds rank 14 of the world’s biggest steel producers with a production of 16.3 million tons. It is planned to improve the capacity of the steel industry with 40 billion U. S. Dollars in Iran within the next 10 years. Iran was able to increase its steel production by 4.3 m. tons between 2010 and 2014.

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